7 common ingredients Chef Use to Cook Restaurant Dishes

Restaurant dishes! Yes, we love them all! But what is the hidden secret behind restaurant dish being so tasty and satisfied and our home dishes not being so good?Is it a reality that you are a bad cook? The simple answer is no!

In fact, it just takes a few steps to become a master chef at home and if you are willing to take the same, then here are some common ingredients that chefs use to make their restaurant dishes more scrumptious. Just check them out and practice at your home to make the food delicious and create stunning dishes.

Grilled Cheese:

When you are trying to make a grilled cheese, then ensure that every ingredient is at room temperature. This is because if every ingredient is at room temperature, it will allow the cheese and the rest to melt properly. Melted cheese adds to the visual appeal of the dish.


If you have kept onion sliced into rings and will go to serve them then just place the rings into cold water. This will take the pungency out of the onions and will adore a good taste to them. Thus you can consume the onions just whenever you would love to have them. Also, pop in some spring onions to add a bit of color to your dish.


Ever thought why coffee tastes so bitter when served warm or cold? Well, to reduce the bitterness just adds a pinch of salt and this gets the bitterness removed in minutes. You can also add a little bit of cinnamon, as it makes coffee taste better. The combination of coffee and salt is used to give an acidic touch in many dishes.


Always try to add sea salt or kosher salt in place of the regular table salt. The crystals of these salts are much larger, and as a result of this, they get mixed with the food quite better and also improving the quality. This will indeed add a wicked flavor in the meal.


Ever thought that why the salad is so soaked and not so good in taste? Well if you want to change that, soak your favorite salad in water but add sea salt to it.

Salad presoaked with water and salt.

Salad presoaked with water and salt.

It will not only take out the extra juice out but also will get the salad to be crunchy, and it makes the taste way better. Sea salt is quite an intangible ingredient of any chefs’ kitchen.


If you are marinating any chicken or meat item, pairing them with eggs is also recommended. This is because that the moisture of the eggs keeps the chicken soft even after cooking. Americans, also love to eat egg whites, so you can easily pair them with a chicken dish.

Baking Goods:

If you are trying to bake any item then here is a tip for you to use. You can always try to add some salt to give it a proper taste. The salt will keep the product crunchier and will add softness to the baked item.

Using these ingredients and little hacks you can drastically improve the quality of your dishes. If you try one of these, do let us know in the comment section below.