7 basic cooking techniques you need to fix

We believe that cooking is quite similar to painting and it requires a certain degree of artistic touch! However, this is just not so easy either, and even a simple mistake can cost you and dish might taste terrible.

The basic reason this happens is that of the cooking techniques which is flawed. Well, techniques are something that chefs master, and in this post, we are addressing some of the small issues. Just have a look at the basic cooking Techniques you need to fix!

#1 Taste the Food:

A lot of people make this basic common mistake, and they do not taste the food. If you do not taste the food, then you will never know the proper mixture of the ingredients or how they taste like. Even if the food is delicious or if the food is utterly disgusting, you should taste it at least once before finishing it. We suggest to do it at every possible step.

#2 Too much food in the pan:

A lot of people are always in a hurry! In fact, to keep up with the shortage of time, a lot of people take shortcuts by putting extra food in the pan. This is not a good idea!
Too much of food inside the pan may cause uneven heat distribution. As a result of this, the food does not taste well and portions of may be undercooked or overcooked.

#3 Flip the meat constantly:

If you are making meat, flipping it, is critical. If you go to any high-end restaurant, you find chefs constantly flipping meat. As the meat is being cooked, the flipping can decrease consistently.

#4 Lazy way out:

A lot of people believe in taking the lazy way out by using readymade food. This is a big No No! It is entirely pre-processed, and there is almost nothing like the real dish! If you are looking to make scrumptious cooked food, go with natural ingredients. This not only makes food taste better but it also looks better.

#5 Bread does not stick:

A lot of people face the same problem when the bread does not stick to the food, and it gets separated from the food while you are frying it. However, if you don’t want this to happen., then apply some egg to let the breading stick. Otherwise, it will always fall off.

#6 Heat:

Understand the fact that heat is not required for every food that you consume. Making a food spicy does not mean that you need to apply excessive heat to it. This will burn down the food disturbing the natural taste of it. Don’t go overboard with the burner bucko!

#7 Salad:

Often we find that the salads are soggy, and they cannot be eaten. Well, if you have sliced the salad and still they are soggy, it is just because you didn’t take proper care before serving it. In the last post, we discussed how salts could suck all the moisture and make the salads crunchier.
So if you eat a lot of salads, add some salts to them.

Here is a video of Gordon Ramsay, discussing some of his most-used cooking techniques.

So these were the top seven tips (techniques) that an average home cook can incorporate to improve their cooking and to improve the quality of their dishes.