Drawing With Pencil – The Ultimate Guide

Drawing with a pencil has been one of the oldest forms of art and still remains the one which creates an impressionistic approach. As easy as it looks, knowing how to make a smooth drawing using pencil requires years of practice to master over the right techniques. One of the most important things about it is how much pressure you apply on the paper with the pencil and how smooth are your lines.

If you are looking for some essential tips to help you in drawing with pencil, you are in the right place. Drawing is not the same as scribbling or doodling. As mentioned above, you need to be smooth with your lines and know the right techniques to blend them well.

Scribbling Is Not Drawing

The lines you draw with your pencil should not be a result of scribble-application and they definitely need not be fast. Take your time and make them look as smooth as possible. If you scribble, your drawing won’t look smooth and if you plan to do shading the results won’t be as satisfactory as you had imagined before.

Smoother Lines

Learn the right techniques to blend the lines. You should be careful that single lines are not visible to viewers. That is where the difference lies between drawing and scribbling, as we mentioned above. If you are working from a light shade to a darker shade then don’t go too fast with it and learn to blend them well. Fill up blank spaces and work in smooth lines.

Blend Well

A rule of thumb in blending with pencil is that you should tilt the pencil on a slight angle if you want satisfactory results. Do not try to press too hard on the pencil when you are blending or shading or else it will start to look darker than expected and make the blending look dirty, with messy finish.

Shading Techniques

You would not want the elements on the drawing to look flat, would you? If you want to give a realistic touch to the drawing you have to understand how to balance lighting and shadow well.

  • Casting Shadow

This is the type of shadow that the object will have on its surrounding area. This area is usually darker than the rest of the drawing and you have to know how to keep lighting effect away from this area.

  • Shadow On The Edge

You might notice that the edge of an object in a drawing is shaded using darker tone. This area is not as dark as the casting shadow area but two tones greyer than it. The reason for the shadow on the edge of the object is because of the light over it, that shades a portion of the object which is mostly the bottom part of it.

  • The Real Colour

There will be an area in the object wherein you will show the true and actual colours of the object, which is definitely not shaded and is also not affected by light. This area is also called halftone.

  • Light Reflection

If you observe closely, the area around the shaded edges of the object will have a light reflection on them which won’t be more than a rim of light. This is one area which a lot many artists tend to miss out on but it is important as it separates the shadows on the edge from the casting shadow area. Not sketching this part will not give the object a three-dimensional feel.

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In drawing with a pencil you have to know how to distinguish hard edges and soft edges and also how to balance lighting effect and dark shades. These drawing techniques won’t be understood in a day’s practise. You have to practise religiously to master over the techniques. You will notice the changes are coming gradually in your work and it will start showing.

6 Appliances Every Home Cook Needs

Cooking is an art- and art that not only takes skills to perform well but also takes love, passion, and a proper set of tools. In the cooking world, these tools mean the appliances that can be used to cook stunning dishes. Having said that, it is important to note that, every cook has his preference for making food and according to that, it is important to choose the right tool.

But, if you are versatile in your choice of food, then we got something for you. Today we are going over top six appliances that every versatile home cook needs to have in their kitchen. Let’s make some miracles happen-


One of the key components of storing fruits, foods, vegetables and much more can’t be done with the help of a fridge. If you are looking to prepare something fresh then, storing the ingredients in a fridge is a must. This is by far the most basic appliance that you need in your kitchen, and if you are low on budget or don’t have that much space, then you can get a mini fridge. The key is to keep your ingredients fresh.

Slow Cookers

Slow Cookers are perfect for the multi-taskers in the kitchen.  Slow cookers cook slowly at a set temperature with a stipulated time such that the food is prepared deliciously with a longer cooking time. Meanwhile, you can work on other dishes and let the slow cooker work its magic.

Stand Mixers

Oh Yes! Stand mixers have been one of the favorite American appliances for a long time. They just make your work so easy. They help in mixing or kneading bread and with the attachments, you can do all kinds of things. Getting the right one is the key and we found one website that sorts them according to need and gives recommendations for the best stand mixer. If you want to buy one that is the king of kings among mixer, then read this Kitchenaid Professional 600 review.

Food Processors

If you are thinking to make a beautiful beverage with real fruits and herbs, then Food Processors are a must buy for you. It takes a lot of time to peel off the seeds, the skin as well as the scales of a fruit and then blend it to make the juice. But with the help of a food processor- it’s just going to take you 2 minutes! Getting the proper one also results in the juice is more flavourful.

Toaster Oven

Thinking about grilling some sandwiches, well you need Toaster Ovens for that. Tiny ovens find a place in every working American household as you need something that can quickly grill a sandwich for breakfast. Oven|Miracle Thieves

Technologically advanced ovens help you grill pizzas among other things.

Non-Stick Cookware:

Buying nonstick cookware is also important because once you are finished with the cook, you don’t want the oil to stick to the pan. It is not only difficult to clean but also diminishes the taste of future cooks. So get non-stick cookware, period!

There are many more essentials which a cook may need in his home, but these are the top 6 that we think to deserve a place on your countertop. If you think we missed out on something, let us know in the comment section below.

7 basic cooking techniques you need to fix

We believe that cooking is quite similar to painting and it requires a certain degree of artistic touch! However, this is just not so easy either, and even a simple mistake can cost you and dish might taste terrible.

The basic reason this happens is that of the cooking techniques which is flawed. Well, techniques are something that chefs master, and in this post, we are addressing some of the small issues. Just have a look at the basic cooking Techniques you need to fix!

#1 Taste the Food:

A lot of people make this basic common mistake, and they do not taste the food. If you do not taste the food, then you will never know the proper mixture of the ingredients or how they taste like. Even if the food is delicious or if the food is utterly disgusting, you should taste it at least once before finishing it. We suggest to do it at every possible step.

#2 Too much food in the pan:

A lot of people are always in a hurry! In fact, to keep up with the shortage of time, a lot of people take shortcuts by putting extra food in the pan. This is not a good idea!
Too much of food inside the pan may cause uneven heat distribution. As a result of this, the food does not taste well and portions of may be undercooked or overcooked.

#3 Flip the meat constantly:

If you are making meat, flipping it, is critical. If you go to any high-end restaurant, you find chefs constantly flipping meat. As the meat is being cooked, the flipping can decrease consistently.

#4 Lazy way out:

A lot of people believe in taking the lazy way out by using readymade food. This is a big No No! It is entirely pre-processed, and there is almost nothing like the real dish! If you are looking to make scrumptious cooked food, go with natural ingredients. This not only makes food taste better but it also looks better.

#5 Bread does not stick:

A lot of people face the same problem when the bread does not stick to the food, and it gets separated from the food while you are frying it. However, if you don’t want this to happen., then apply some egg to let the breading stick. Otherwise, it will always fall off.

#6 Heat:

Understand the fact that heat is not required for every food that you consume. Making a food spicy does not mean that you need to apply excessive heat to it. This will burn down the food disturbing the natural taste of it. Don’t go overboard with the burner bucko!

#7 Salad:

Often we find that the salads are soggy, and they cannot be eaten. Well, if you have sliced the salad and still they are soggy, it is just because you didn’t take proper care before serving it. In the last post, we discussed how salts could suck all the moisture and make the salads crunchier.
So if you eat a lot of salads, add some salts to them.

Here is a video of Gordon Ramsay, discussing some of his most-used cooking techniques.

So these were the top seven tips (techniques) that an average home cook can incorporate to improve their cooking and to improve the quality of their dishes.

7 common ingredients Chef Use to Cook Restaurant Dishes

Restaurant dishes! Yes, we love them all! But what is the hidden secret behind restaurant dish being so tasty and satisfied and our home dishes not being so good?Is it a reality that you are a bad cook? The simple answer is no!

In fact, it just takes a few steps to become a master chef at home and if you are willing to take the same, then here are some common ingredients that chefs use to make their restaurant dishes more scrumptious. Just check them out and practice at your home to make the food delicious and create stunning dishes.

Grilled Cheese:

When you are trying to make a grilled cheese, then ensure that every ingredient is at room temperature. This is because if every ingredient is at room temperature, it will allow the cheese and the rest to melt properly. Melted cheese adds to the visual appeal of the dish.


If you have kept onion sliced into rings and will go to serve them then just place the rings into cold water. This will take the pungency out of the onions and will adore a good taste to them. Thus you can consume the onions just whenever you would love to have them. Also, pop in some spring onions to add a bit of color to your dish.


Ever thought why coffee tastes so bitter when served warm or cold? Well, to reduce the bitterness just adds a pinch of salt and this gets the bitterness removed in minutes. You can also add a little bit of cinnamon, as it makes coffee taste better. The combination of coffee and salt is used to give an acidic touch in many dishes.


Always try to add sea salt or kosher salt in place of the regular table salt. The crystals of these salts are much larger, and as a result of this, they get mixed with the food quite better and also improving the quality. This will indeed add a wicked flavor in the meal.


Ever thought that why the salad is so soaked and not so good in taste? Well if you want to change that, soak your favorite salad in water but add sea salt to it.

Salad presoaked with water and salt.

Salad presoaked with water and salt.

It will not only take out the extra juice out but also will get the salad to be crunchy, and it makes the taste way better. Sea salt is quite an intangible ingredient of any chefs’ kitchen.


If you are marinating any chicken or meat item, pairing them with eggs is also recommended. This is because that the moisture of the eggs keeps the chicken soft even after cooking. Americans, also love to eat egg whites, so you can easily pair them with a chicken dish.

Baking Goods:

If you are trying to bake any item then here is a tip for you to use. You can always try to add some salt to give it a proper taste. The salt will keep the product crunchier and will add softness to the baked item.

Using these ingredients and little hacks you can drastically improve the quality of your dishes. If you try one of these, do let us know in the comment section below.